Elton Glass

A young man with the ability to naturally control his bodies functions and movements to an extraordinary degree


I’m really not much of a writer, but I thought I would at least put something down, I guess. Strange things have been going on with me since… middle school? I dunno, it started small. I’ve always been pretty talented so maybe I just didn’t really notice at first. My mother has always said I could stand to lose a couple hat sizes. Anyway, in a nut shell… I’m better than most people. Not to sound like an asshole or anything. When it comes to sports or… well anything physical: I’m just better than everyone else. I see something, I can do it. I can do it perfectly, basically the first time, if I give it some thought first. In high school I was really into Bruce Lee movies, and one time after school I saw some kid picking on some girl from my English class. She was always nice to everyone, but really shy. This kid was giving her a hard time, and it pissed me off. So out of nowhere I get him into a joint lock and make him quit his shit. I really didn’t think about it until later, but I realized I had learned it from watching some kung fu movie. It was really weird, but awesome. I tried not to get into fights after that, but it was tough not to stand out sometimes. I know it freaks out my Mom so, for her, I never tried out for sports at school just in case.

After that, a lot of things started changing for me. All of my senses started going berserk and I stopped getting sick. I started working out a lot and found that I could push myself like crazy. It tires me out, I’m still human (I’m pretty sure), but I can do some pretty crazy things if I put my mind to it. Nowadays, I’m pretty used to it. I’ve figured out I heal really quickly, and my crazy senses are just a lot stronger than most peoples. I can basically see in the dark, and even when I close my eyes I can hear and smell so well that I might as well not be. I see people trip and stumble around on the street sometimes and think “I wonder what that must be like”. You know, to be normal and clumsy like that.

These days I work in construction mostly, gives me a lot of free time. We really don’t work all that often, it’s true, and the pay is pretty good. Apparently working on half finished buildings can be dangerous work, usually. Plus it’s outside and I get work with my hands. I’ve been taking a lot of science classes over at the local community college lately. I seem to have a knack for machines and engineering and the like, so it’s not so bad.

Elton Glass

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