Phelctus Fink



Basic Civilian Scientist stats


Dr. Fink works as a Professor at the New Mexico Institute of Aerospace Design and Astronomy Research. A prominent career professor with many scientific breakthroughs in astronomy and micro power cell technology. Many of his students and peers revere him and hope to gain positions alongside his career research one day.

On the down low Dr. Fink has a deep obsession with the supernatural. This tied with his many scientific achievements has turned Fink into an undeniably awesome authority on Xenomorphs, reverse engineering alien technology, and searching out the unknown. What Fink has been led on too is more than he could have ever hoped for.

Proving once and for all to humanity that people can fly, Some can walk through walls to get to you and your things, Some could kill with a thought and less than a drop of remorse, some can completely disappear entirely and vanish from the face of the Earth, and Dr. Fink has come in contact with a rare few of these beings. In part trying to catalogue what he interprets as the end of days where weird demons and angels might be released onto the planet from places from beyond.

Dr. Fink does not publicly advertise for his underground organization, but he calls it “Forward,” as a catch all attempt at propelling the human race into the future with wisdom and the purest integrity. As one of the leaders in Forward he oversees many of the scientific operations constantly on standby or needing more testing. Many personnel work under Forward including a specially detailed field ops team hand selected by Field Ops staff of Forward, who looked far and wide to recruit sophisticated soldier-scientists.

Phelctus Fink

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