The Iconoclast

Dictator of Latvia, and self proclaimed Master of Magnetism


Adrian Chambers, known today as The Iconoclast, is the dictatorial ruler of the European nation of Latvia, after the Latvian government was killed in the attacks on New York. Adrian has maintained a low profile since Roger’s disappearance, but the once unsure and shy young man the team left behind has become a capable and powerful leader, and his power over magnetism seem only to have grown.

Status: The Iconoclast, while severe, is know for being just and fair. He rules his nation with the help of parliament, and while being a strong advocate for mutant rights, seems to have had his fervor tempered by his brief partnership with Ironhide andDeadfall during the destruction of New York.
The Iconoclast credits the duo with his salvation from Jacob Pyres dungeons, and has not forgotten this fact. Recently, The Iconoclast has introduced a bill that would void the U.N.T.I.L. Charter within the EU, and make the zone an x-positive sanctuary.


The Iconoclast

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