The Dark of Dawn was simply the name for the story that I wrote here just for fun; I always liked Kenix and Nightflight, and missed telling their story. That led me to want to put out a Champions game, if indeed there was an interest; if not then it will wait here as just a fun thing I occasionally write bad fiction to, and that anyone else is of course welcome to write anything on.

It ends the Kenix story so that he wont be a feature in any coming games; at least not anytime soon.

The game I would play would be a sort of restarting of Billy’s Champions universe, in that old comic book fashion. I think that Billy did a lot of really amazing things with Champions, and that makes the world already feel lived in and familiar, and I don’t want to try to compete with that using a wholly different world.

If we were to start the game, players could either reprise old characters, or make wholly different ones. Comic book staples like Roger and Nightflight will be NPC’s only if characters choose not to play them; if someone wants to be the Batman character, then they will be this new worlds “Nightflight” archetype, but of course it would be your own story, name etc.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed the story, and that we can get to roleplaying sometime soon regardless of the game.

Of Gods and Men

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