Susan Montag

a young x-positive with mysterious powers


Susan’s powers are not fully known. Dubbed by scientist at U.N.T.I.L.“quantum magic,” for her ability to affect probability and even reality on a sub atomic level, seemingly without any kind of known parameters or laws. Susan’s x gene connection with quantum mechanics is, unknown to the agency, one of the least understood mutations anyone has ever come up against.

Status: Susan came to Roger and Elton as bait. The international agency U.N.T.I.L. used Susan to lure Roger out after he was brought back to life. With her ID burned, Sue has decided to stay on with the duo until a more permanent solution can be found.
Only Roger and Elton know the extent of her powers, as U.N.T.I.L., lacking the technology to measure or gauge her abilities, think that she simple has access to minor energy manipulation, and have her listed as a low level threat.


Susan Montag

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